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Editorial Guidelines to Qualify for the Publication of Your Article:

  • Please submit positive and informative articles. Share your expertise and strategies that are supportive to recovery. Provide additional and appropriate information when making references from other sources. All quotes must be accurately credited.
  • Use proper English, grammar and punctuation. Please proofread before submitting.
  • LBA doesn’t accept more than 10 phrases of quoted material per article.
  • Do not include content with pornography and adult material, racial comments, hatred and violent content, profanity and any type of discrimination against any individuals or groups.
  • Do not use any content that would violate any laws or infringes on other people’s legal rights.


  • Your article must have a title that fits the content of the article. LBA reserves the right to change the title if it deems a change would be more accurate to the content.
  • Provide an article summary of about 200 words.
  • Article size should be a minimum of 750 words.
  • Include your name, information about yourself, and your website, if the website is applicable to the topic of recovery.

Website Links

  • Only links to recovery related websites are accepted.
  • LBA offers you 1-2 links to a website within your article.
  • You can provide LBA with a maximum of two links to two different URLs.
  • Links are evaluated for quality score with search engines. Unfortunately we do not provide links to poor quality websites.
  • We do not accept any URLs that have been banned by Google.
  • We do not list email addresses but rather suggest you let people contact you via your website.
  • Use a minimum of 5 and maximum of 20 keywords/keyword phrases related to your article. List the keywords at bottom of page.
  • Include copyright information at the bottom of your article.

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